Interview of Sh. Manoj Sinha, Hon'ble Minister of Communication &IT, GOI, New Delhi dated 19.12.2017....Courtesy by CNBC AWAAZ VIDEO



3 PRC agreement ?

After several rounds of discussions with the management the recognised unions have failed to sign an agreement even on the last occasion. Another round of discussions will take place on 9.10.18. with regards to allowances also the management wants to have an agreement. What is the need for it now. The recognised unions are searching for an alibi to postpone the signing of the agreement. At one point the recognsied unions say that approval of DOT is not needed for grant of allowances to the employees. Whey then this drama now. We wish that better sense will prevail on the unions to end the negotiations quickly and put pressure on the management and Govt to implement PRC recommendations forthwith as a large number of officials are retiring every month.

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