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What sets apart an organisation as a dynamic, vibrant, outstanding and well-knit force is reflected in how it blends its goals for growth with the myriad needs of its most precious asset – its members - its karyakartas - that lends strength to its success ratings.

It is essentially a culture, one that shows care and concern for the well being of every member in its family - a philosophy that prides itself in their welfare. And extends that ever-helpful hand not only in their hours of crisis, but even in carving out a progressive future and consolidating a life-style - in a very special way.

Every member in the BMS family has a deep sense of belonging and a pride unmatched, mainly because BMS reaches out to him or her humanely.

Little wonder, BMS romped home with a clear majority during the membership verifications conducted by the Government of India. Without the least opportunity to look back since then it is rising steadily and till now is undisputedly the NUMERO UNO in the country with the confidence of around 90 Lakh workers in the Country.

The BMS founded its union in the Telecom Sector in the year 1978. Many were skeptical about the need for a third federation at that time. The BMS has proved every one wrong. Prior to its entry the workers in the Telecom Sector were a dejected lot. There was never any genuine intention to address their grievances. The promotion policy was in a mess. The BMS started the slogan of 3 time bound promotions i.e. after every 10,20 and 30 years of service. The demand took every one by surprise just because no one ever thought of such a demand. Then this demand of the BMS made others to sit up and made an agreement with the Government for two time bound promotions one after 16 years and the other after 26 years. Still the issue of a third promotion was left un addressed. The BMS championed for the cause of the BONUS in the Telecom Sector and got the same. The BMS affiliated unions under the banner of the Bharatiya Dak Taar Mazdoor Manch championed the cause of the Casual labour. Historic struggles were conducted by the BMS. A marathon Dharna for more than 365 days was held in front of the Sanchar Bhavan at New Delhi . Simultaneously a case was also filed in the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India. History was made when more than 1.25 lakh casual labour were regularized at one stroke. These very same casual workers have now become TMs, TTAs, JTOs and even in some cases went on to become executives in the BSNL. Similar was the case with the Technicians, the BMS under the banner of BTTU launched a historic strike for more than 50 days. The result is restructuring of the cadre and the Technicians are now promoted as Executives. There is no parallel to the work done by the BMS in the Telecom Sector. Even after corporatisation of the DOT the employees aspirations continue to be neglected. The same old promotion system is continuing. Even after 8 years of formation of the corporation no promotion policy is drafted for BSNL. The core issues of many a cadre such as Sr TOAs are left unattended.

The Bharatiya Telecom Employees Union (BSNL), has been advocating a policy shift. The workers are to be taken into confidence and their sufferings at the hands of the vested interests is to be ended. The survival of the company is at stake. The confidence of the public in the company is in tact and this has to be exploited by all of us. The BTEU (BSNL) is working towards this end and is educating the workers on evolving a new and vibrant work culture. Therefore it is the bounden duty of every one to support the union in its goal to make BSNL the best company of the 21 st century.

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